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Un Lussurioso

The latest Dada Pixel Art collaboration with the Italian author Porfirio Rubirosa for "Un lussurioso", his new single that anticipates the forthcoming album Il furore composto. The concept album has the seven deadly sins as its leitmotif with "Un lussurioso" exploring LUST.

«Un lussurioso – says Porfirio Rubirosa – is the song from the album closest to Italian-pop. It is just as ambiguous as the meaning of the song: it is in fact deliberately not clear whether the sexual experiences recounted by the protagonist are true or if instead they are only the dream of a teenager who fantasizes lying on the bed in his own bedroom. The arrangement inevitably also takes us back to the 80s, with in a closing tribute to "A great gig in the sky" by Pink Floyd, interpreted by Sara Lupi in the 'vocal cloths' of "Marilyn Monroe".

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