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Un Avaro (Greed)

Our new (July 2023) collaboration with the Italian author Porfirio Rubirosa for "Un Avaro", the second single from album Il furore composto. The concept album has the seven deadly sins as its leitmotif with "Un Avaro" exploring GREED.

Translation from Flyweb article, link to original source below.

The song is contained in the recording project "Il furore composed", a concept on the seven deadly sins. The video describing greed (and the consequence of fear) was directed by Dada Pixel Art in collaboration with Skinna and features a man in the guise of a 'plague doctor' as its protagonist

«I'm afraid of rejection

That I don't take away my waste"

These words could be used to describe the new video clip for the song Un avaro by Porfirio Rubirosa, the second single from his concept on the seven capitals Il furore composed published by Isola Tobia Label.

The images were in fact shot, under the direction of Dada Pixel Art in collaboration with Skinna, right among a pile of rubbish and have as their protagonist a man in the guise of a 'plague doctor' (here is the link: https://youtu. be/9Yex3U8rC04). The quote on rejection - in the double acceptance of denial and garbage - also comes directly from the song, which is available in all the main digital stores together with the album. The latter can also be purchased in CD or vinyl format on www.isolatobialabel.com/chiosco.

As with the first single Un lussurioso, this time too the cover was created using a photo of Roberto Menardo inspired by the lyrics of the song. This choice is aimed at underlining the continuity between the tracks of the project, to the point that even the video clips of the respective singles can be watched - following the order of succession of the tracklist of the concept in which Un avaro precedes Un lussurioso - one in a row to the other almost as if they were a single short film.

This is how the Venetian singer-songwriter talks about the song:

«Fear of the future often makes us stingy, not only in a material sense. Indeed, it is precisely the fear of the unknown that determines the greed of feelings and the consequent loss of opportunities. The risk is precisely that of finding yourself locked inside the Bastiani Fortress of Giovanni Drogo told by Dino Buzzati and sung by me in this piece.

From an arrangement point of view, Un avaro is a waltz, with an instrumental climax that starts from the most minimal low-fi to arrive, in a musical crescendo, at the orchestral arrangement of the chorus, with sounds that refer to certain compositions by Franco Battiato".


The video clip for the single Un avaro by Porfirio Rubirosa was signed by the Californian artist Dada Pixel Art (who had already created the clip for the single Un lussurioso) assisted on this occasion by Skinna, another director based in the United States. The images were shot in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and feature a man in the guise of a 'plague doctor', wearing the famous white mask with a beak used during plagues. Taking shelter with the help of this disguise, he himself wanders through the most infamous streets of Oakland and San Leandro, between mountains of garbage and the roar of passing cars. The waste that he collects is a metaphor for man's fears, which confine him to a condition of not only material but also emotional avarice. The conclusion of the video clarifies how this is a common condition and how our 'Bastiani Fortress' is often our four domestic walls.

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