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Dada Pixel Art Un-Official Influencer Program

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Dada Pixel Art is an independent art project.

In managing our advertising strategy, we considered using the main social media platforms to increase our visibility. Not having too much budget to invest on them, we faced the need of making a choice in selecting the most suitable channel for our campaigns.

The main stakeholders were offering very fair rates, raging from $1.75 per day in Facebook for several thousands of weekly impressions, or even better $1 per day from Google, guaranteed clicks on our website. Very impressive flat $15 for 2 weeks in YouTube and get not only views but also your channel to grow. And once again, Instagram, TikTok, and Ex-Twitter (X) would boost your posts for only few $ for a never-seen-before profile reach.

We ensure that our business partners are committed to promoting sustainability and preserving our planet's natural resources. We partner with organizations that support their employees with fair wages and benefits and participate in social responsibility activities.

On that side, all the companies mentioned above seemed to fit the descriptions, however, we realized that few dollars would not make much difference to any of the social networking stakeholders, but it can make a big contribution to a homeless person living hand-to-mouth.

So we decided to change our advertising strategy, reducing our online spending budget (not completely cutting it, we still want our coder friends at Google and Meta to thrive while they can, so they do not become homeless themselves), but at the same time investing in a self-managed and independent guerrilla marketing campaign.

Instead of fully investing in social media channels, we split our budget and invest in this new channel of analogic social influencers. The funds we save from advertising can make a big difference to a homeless person.

The unofficial influencer program rewards individuals with a $1 donation and a Dada Pixel Art sticker. This allows us to support directly and raise awareness of our project, with a verbal agreement they become an Un-official Influencer for Dada Pixel Art.

Every time you support Dada Pixel Art, you are indirectly supporting the Un-Official Dada Pixel Art Influencer Program.

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