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Who we are
and Who we are NOT.

We are NOT many. But we are plenty.

We are NOT the world, we are the children.

Strangers, Collaborators, Consultants, Dead Celebrities

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Ready, Made, Go!

Dada Pixel Art is based on play, error, and contradiction, fundamental elements for learning and communicate, often simultaneously.

The search for a short circuit in our expressive and communicative processes, 

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Exploring the Digital Language

Exploring language visually and semiotically, binary and digital (DIGIT = fingers = numbers from 1 to 9 - with one digit - zero is not a number but a symbol), in the search of a conceptual bridge, a dialogue, between a reality intended in canonical sense, as analogical, organic and concrete, with the emerging abstract, virtual and digital metaverse.

Two apparently opposing worlds that are revealing themseves the as 2 sides of the same coin.

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*While supply last. Restrictions Apply.

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