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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Divulgarti Group in collaboration with Galleria Cael of Cael Pipin in the heart of Milan, in

Via Carlo Tenca 11, presents the exhibition “Top Secret”.

From April 14th to 28th, 2023 an exhibition of contemporary art will see the presence of

international artists through different artistic disciplines: from painting to sculpture, from

photography to digital painting, from installation to the performance.

The Opening will be on Friday, April 14th, 2023, at 6 p.m.

"Top secret means something that is covered by the most absolute secretness and

nobody external can understand, it’s something that can’t be revealed. There are

code messages that are used to pass information that non-receivers can’t

understand. An intriguing theme for this exhibition of contemporary art where the

participant artists can interpret based on a personal point of view. The use of secret

codes is part of the human history, in the communication between special

relationships. The artist is privileged since they can express emotions and thoughts

that only can be understood by few people. Most of the paintings that are part of

our history of art hide, between drawings and colors, secret codes that since always

ignite the interest of the historians and lovers of mystery. In this exhibition we will

see how the participants interpret this theme through their artistic creations."

Loredana Trestin

Dada Pixel Art is participating with the piece "MONADE LISA" (monad lisa).

The Dada Board have been exposed in Cael Galley and the Creative Destruction was performed during the opening.


Dada Pixel Art is a collective art project, which involves various professionals located between Italy, the United States and Japan, coming from the fields of communication, design, education, programming, music, poetry, and art in general.

The project aims to conceive the artwork as an intangible creative process, represented by a direct and interactive experience, not necessarily identified by the physical work.

Even the role of the artist, as an individual, is decentralized and secondary. Information is at the heart of the creative process. Information - DATA - mediated by constantly evolving languages (codes): Non-verbal, oral, written, visual, audio, audiovisual, digital.

The main role of humans in contemporary society is to share information.

Information that needs to be decoded and interpreted.

Expanding the concept of the canadian communication theorist Marshall McLuhan, The medium is the message,

we observe how every technological evolution (press-radio-cinema-television-internet) corresponds to a changeof communication paradigm in the way in which values and archetypes are perceived from society.

The passage of information from an old to a new language/media is not a mere passive translation of the content, but a process of active conceptual reinterpretation, which generates unpublished and original perceptions.

Perceptions that overwrite the existing ones, often with extreme fidelity, to the point of undermining the principles of identity and authenticity.

Dada Pixel Art is a medium capable of creating conceptual short circuits between analogical and digital language, between physical and virtual reality.

It makes use of both systems to combine them, through the creative process, in search of a synthesis between meaning and signifier.

Manual Digitization, Visual Fragmentation, Semiotic Standardization, Technological Contradiction are some of the techniques used to deconstruct the communicative and perceptive system.

In the paradigm shift proposed by virtual realities, the physicality of things becomes relative;

it is therefore essential to perceive reality not only on the concrete basis of what we can touch, but also on the abstract basis of the intangible experiences we live.

Also because, as the poet Alfonso Simioni reminds us, what we possess, we will always lose,

but what we give, will be ours forever.


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