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Immaculate Conception

Alameda County Law Library Exhibit  May 7, 2024-July8th

The theme, open to interpretation, is FAMILY. 

Family is subjective, family of origin, family of choice, adopted family, blended family, extended family, birth family... the list goes on. Whether our memories are filled with love and light, or dark and difficult, or mixed between the two, many of us find our families help mold and influence us, forever. 

Digital technology regulates our time, bridges our connections, mediates our relationships, influences our emotions.

It is a new language, based on binary code, that we use to define our reality.

Most of our life experiences are retranslated into a digital format.The concept of Family is no exception, and is also redefined into a new dimension.

Immaculate Conception takes direct inspiration from the Michelangelo’s Tondo Doni, where the concept of family is represented with 3 main figures of different visual weights that connect in a continuous triangle, inscribed in a circle, to form a dynamic Unity.

This Unity is reinterpreted in a disjointed low resolution pixel version. The subjects are represented in 3 separate boards, named XX (on the left), and XY (on the right), with a Quick Response code (QR) in the center, representing the chromosome’s interaction.

The geometric architecture is based on the square shape.

New hierarchies are introduced, in which each element of the composition is made out of the same amount of cubes. By scanning the QR code is possible to access an online digital image of the child, which is intended to symbolize the creation process.

The passage of information from an old to a new language/media is not a mere passive translation of the content, but a process of active conceptual reinterpretation,which generates new and original perceptions.

Perceptions that overwrite existing ones, often with extreme fidelity, to the point of undermining the principles of identity and authenticity.

Immaculate Conception represents the necessity of accepting this change.


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